Hello World

Welcome to my blog! Here I will write about the cool new technology I’m playing with, technological issues, random opinions on things, rants, and really anything that crosses my mind.

For my first post, I will outline the reasons why I have started a blog:

  • Improve my writing skills

    I’m not the best at conveying my thoughts in writing. I’m hoping that by doing this enough I will get better and become more eloquent.

  • Educate my readers

    Learning new technology is very exciting and rewarding, but can be extremely challenging. I’m hoping that my readers can learn from my experiences so that they can jump right in and have an easy and more enjoyable time learning something new.

  • Become more open-minded

    Lets face it: computer people are stubborn, opionated, and set in their ways. I may write about my own personal opinions on pieces of software, ethical issues in technology, etc. I hope my readers will voice their own opinions (even dissenting ones) and spark some interesting discussion.

  • Get Motivated

    Whether it’s working out, working on a side project, or learning new things, finding the motivation to actually do these things is not always easy. I’m hoping that by committing to this blog I can not only motivate myself to work on things but motivate others as well.




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